Zoom account created for Noisebridge Hackerspace

Zoom account created for Noisebridge hackerspace using the av@noisebridge.net email forward. I need help upgrading it to a paid account using Noisebridge hackerspace funds. Login details have been forwarded to the private socialmediawg channel + noisebridge primary email account.

  • @jermops has offered to let Noisebridge use their Zoom paid channel.
  • I’ve tested the plugin and it requires paid-plan-only webinars, as opposed to standard meetings, so we will need to upgrade in order to use this integration.

Zoom is now enforcing passwords on all of their meetings and webinars across the platform. That is unfortunate as I’m concerned about our open chat needs.

If anyone wants to help address this issue, please step forward and help work on it. You’ll be helping everyone in our community be more connected.

If someone with financial access wants to upgrade our Noisebridge account to unlock the standard features we require, it should only take you a minute or two. Thanks.

Thanks @themanmaran, I’ve forwarded over all account credentials. Integration into this forum has already been completed on the API access end. Let us know. :slight_smile:

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Th other day I double checked the account security and made sure passwords and the like are on but that you don’t need to be logged in for it to work. I think we should test this tommorow before the meeting

Yes I’ll set up the payment plan for it. DM me the details. (sorry if you have sent already and I lost it)