Yes We Are Doing the Social Distancing Thing. See

Hi guys, I’m at Noisebridge right now. I came because I had an errand nearby and I wanted to check on the space, see who’s here, take inventory of things.

Here’s the good news. Mohammed is here and they have collectively decided not to open the door. People who have keys can come in. Most people here are keeping 5-6 feet of distance from each other.

The first thing I did when I arrived is I washed my hands. Then I took a Clorox wipe and wiped my phone, my recently-used credit card, and my laptop and phone screens.

These are now the ways of our people.

Here’s the less-good news. Someone just came up to me and asked if they could sit next to me. I said, “uhh, maybe, let me create some distance here.” He responded by saying, “oh you’re doing that distancing thing, ok.”

Guys. Yes. We are doing “that distancing thing.” contains contributions and update from over 50 public health experts. It’s being coordinated by a disaster relief coordination expert and overseen by Julie McMurry, MPH.

Please, for the love of all that is clean and healthy, follow the protocols on

Don’t turn Noisebridge into a node for COVID-19.


Yeah, everyone has to do our part. Masks are difficult to come by, the next best things are to keep a distance and keeping things clean.
I can walk to Noisebridge in like 10 mins from my place. If you need extra hands, let me know!

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