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2020-04-14T02:00:00Z PST!!!
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Welcome to Death Stranding meets The Postman (1997). We’ll go over how YOU can prepare yourself for the fall of civilization… once the internet falls and all life is extinguished, must we stop using git and dm’ing each other across vast desert wastelands? No!!! Instead, we’ll begin organizing even more hardcore Burning Man parties for the last survivors using and Secure Scuttlebutt to build an internet-free platform for social interaction and road warrior antics.

This online, costume-encouraged class will be filmed and posted to the public internet via Youtube and Peertube, assuming it turns out looking okay. To avoid being recorded, quietly keep your video set to OFF and your audio set to MUTE, and be sure to re-confirm this when joining the stream. Thanks!


Because, partying is an essential activity anyone living in a cave with a laptop or raspberry pi or useless cell phone should be able to organize without the internet to help. Best of all, you’ll be joining a small and friendly community, while also getting a little more interested in asynchronous communication, decentralization of power, sneakernets, p2p mesh networking, public/private key cryptography, and living off the grid.


I’ll help us get started with some simple instructions, then switch over to Q&A! And, we’ll use cheesy Sci-Fi films throughout the broadcast to explain the whole process. This is a themed online class so costumes are strongly encouraged. Please, please wear a costume. Green screen if you’ve got it. Seriously, dress the part. Mutate your voice if you know how. And, most importantly, think of a cool character name such as “Humungus” from the original Road Warrior (1981). Here is an inspirational video of him prancing around in a loin cloth with a bull horn:


The class be online via Zoom. Yes, Zoom is full of security bugs… which will no doubt help end humanity and bring us closer to our goal. For now, you can attend remotely from your place of choice. Have a device on hand. You can join Scuttlebutt using the ManyVerse app for iOS and Android, or install Patchwork client for Mac/Windows/Linux/FreeBSD.

What about donations?

Even before this catastrophe began, we desperately needed to raise funds for ADA accessibility. If you choose to donate, please mention “ADA” in the name field. Multiples of $6.66 encouraged! All earmarked funds will go towards supporting Noisebridge in adding better ADA Accessibility, so that people of all walks of life can take part in our space and events. Ultimately, we’re actually building a better future by being excellent to each other.

Can I invite People?

Of course you can! All are warmly and freely invited. Spread the word! The Zoom chat will be completely open, with no password or limit on number of participants.

What if I already have Scuttlebutt?

You are invited, too! I’d be very interested to hear from you! You can contact me directly on Scuttlebutt at: @1ywobRQqla7sPRHCk2iSf4DNRBYbryJiNadieQb0Ebg=.ed25519

or details on how to join our Noisebridge Pub channel on Scuttlebutt at:

I Still Have Questions…

Please feel free to respond right here on Discuss. Feel free to create an account.
There is already a thread on Scuttlebutt located at:

Fun class. Here are links for ssb-based apps and information.

How did it go?! What all happened?

It was fun! We walked through the process of using the desktop and mobile clients. How the mesh works either on or offline. How to organize events within SSB. How to use our Pub server. How to successfully recover your secret key. Expanding your access to others within the online mesh, where to learn more for getting started with ssb-Git and music streaming within SSB.

Only took about 40 minutes. Using this is straightforward and already well documented online. It is just a fairly new and different way to connect with others. Our pub has certainly grown in usage; happy to see it has attracted attention from all over!