Workadventure for Noisebridge!

Hello Noisebridge. I’ve been working on hacking Workadventure for fun over the last few months. I’m kind of stalled on the project and am working more on my instance and the customization than keeping up with the Workadventure project itself. I’m thinking about working on it more with Noisebridge as the main map in a new instance. Is anyone familiar with Workadventure here? Does this sound interesting to anyone? Does anyone have floorplans for the Noisebridge site (new and old) that I could have to make maps with?

I think this is a great idea!

Here are the floorplans for 1st and 2nd floor with proposed elevator install:

NB FP-2.pdf (30.8 KB) NB FP-1.pdf (121.6 KB)

Awesome thanks for sharing! These look great to start with. I guess I might as well make a starter map and try setting up a workable demo to share.

Workadventure maps are made with Tiled. It can be downloaded here.

I’ve setup a working demo! It’s not much other than a configured clone from Github and this map (attached below). I’m still working on testing and securing the web app before sharing it with just anyone but I’m hoping to have something ready for the public soon. Having not been to the new site and up to date on current events I need more info about the layout (current/planned) of Noisebridge. Consideration should also be made for making custom tiles for better scaling and aesthetic. I’ve done my best to use a 1 tile per foot scale here with the tilesets included in the default map . It’s obviously just a rough approximation for now… Map making is a lot of fun! It takes a lot of time but it’s worth putting in the extra though and effort to create a fun user experience.

Noisebridge2.json (203.6 KB)

On second thought, this wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun if I didn’t leave a little left to be discovered. If anyone wants to explore the environment visit and send me DM or reply here if you’re interested in working on the project or seeing a workshop on deploying Workadventure.
Hack the planet!

I made an update to the main map after seeing some pics shared here and vaguely recalling what the front of 272 Capp St. looked like. After seeing the facade on Google Maps I decided to rescale a bit more and add some more features for testing. Right now I’d like to see if I can somehow incorporate the service into this somehow. The default maps include jitsi meeting rooms in them but I’m still learning how to incorporate. One thing I have learned to incorporate is the openWebsite feature. This can been used in the map to open the site when standing in a somewhat obvious location…

So up to now I’ve pretty much just set up an AWS instance and ca-jiggered Workadventure together along with a Noisebridge map abstract work in progress… I’m going to test out working online and streaming at 10pm tonight so hop on if you’d like to see how new characters are added.

I’m a little late. Fortunately no one cares.

hey think I saw a little of your testing on the jitsi earlier look forward to checking it out.

there are a couple of recurring events with people around regularly, most notably the Tuesday weekly meeting, and also Thursday evenings and Sunday Noon on

otherwise folks including myself randomly dropping in the virtual space. we are starting to boot back up the physical space with a driveway build day on May 15th.

hey X yeah think that was me. It’s cool to hear there are active members working on raising the place back up.