Wiki Update Party (no one can find classes!)

So I was talking to someone yesterday who is interested in noisebridge classes which are happening virtually right now. I pointed them to the wiki and…

… It’s months outdated.

No wonder our classes are low in attendance right now. there’s no way to access them from the main site!

We also discussed at a previous meeting how much we want to get rid of the landing page. It seems to be universally loathed.

All this adds up to a wiki update party, which Mark recommended at Tuesday’s meeting. Whos game?


We also need to start announcing events in advance again, including links and contact info. The whole posting zoom or jitsi links in the moment of the event makes no sense.

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Do you have a wiki account? I do not see a username for you there at a glance. If you do, I can make you an admin.

Make an account, then pm me the username to be promoted.

This. I’ve been working on overhauling wiki and would like to invite folks to collab as part of documentation working group to overhaul the wiki. Zach I put you down as maintainer in electronics and I know you are starting a new intermediate eletronics gang distinct from regular CHM beginner stuff that is not represented there yet. Mark and I worked on wiki last night after discussing it during philosophy of noisebridge meeting on Jitsi. LMK if you want to do a call and work on further improvements as I agree the class info is largely outdated. Need to establish who the maintainers for things are and help them maintain the wiki to reflect reality.

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@James my wiki account is Zach, same as here. Admin would be great.

@lxpk and @Mark thanks for doing updates! I put the info for the electronics class I’m teaching on Sundays in the other discuss thread Noami made for organizing classes.

@Zach Done.

The reason the classes page is out of date is because most current teachers only take care of the noisebridge meetup page, no matter how much we ask them to put it on the wiki. I gave up on the current Wiki classes page probably around last summer as I was one of the few people who added or took stuff off of it. It is also terribly laid out in terms of ease of use, and many classes do not have pages related to them on the wiki.

Until the front page gets fixed and we have a whole wiki backup I am not going to do the wiki updates I have been planning since fall 2018. I am happy someone brought back the Wiki update party idea, and would love to help host it if we do do it.

here is a list of some of the big pages that I thought needed a lot of major fixes,

and some page hierarchy tree ideas based on stuff I talked about with Marco that would make connection to the new website easier.

Though I think Marco might have a more up to date hierarchy based on his current website design.

also here is the guild link sheet I talked about a few weeks ago.

If anyone can tell me if noisebridge has an official Internet Archive account, I can set up a Archive it account with the same credentials to help make backup an archival more seamless and maybe get a true snapshot of every page of the wiki for the wayback machine.