Why isn't there a Men's only Hackerspace?

There are plenty of women’s only hackerspaces and “spaces” for that matter, so why the hell not?!

Because nobody has made one – probably because there isn’t a compelling reason to create one – Ms. Troll.

I don’t know but I would never go to one. Theres a bad enough gender ratio in STEM; I wouldn’t want to go somewhere that made it worse. :cry:


only fineline got the point I was making. but eitherway, what I wrote above was ripped from the hackitorium.


I mean its annoying as a guy for there to be very few women in your passion profession. You can’t have a real, holistic culture without a decent gender balance. If the culture is all dudes, its easier for guys to slip into groupthink, and start making shitty, cringeworthty sexist comments.


Yeah, I walked into noisebridge and walked out when I heard that.

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