Why can't people get trash night?

Look upon our garbage pile ye mighty and despair.

I’ve been rounding up all the trash in NoiseBridge this morning, and came up with a pretty hefty pile. I also came in yesterday morning (Monday) and bagged up a bunch and took it downstairs. But somehow it still didn’t make it outside of the gate to be collected.

I mean, Mary plays the cleanup song for ten minutes. I don’t know how much more obvious trash night can get.


Which nights are trash nights? Will try to help more with this.

I’ve noticed a strong correlation between having two or so of the trash / recycle bins next to the vending machine, and correct usage. People seem to prefer to “dump” the cans versus changing the bags.

Also: trash night runs a lot better when the elevator is working …hopefully that will get sorted out soon.


can we post a flyer with that info on all the trash bins? Personally I always felt insecure about where exactly outside of NB we should bring the trash to and didn’t wanted to make a mistake, placing the trash somewhere and having maybe neighbors complaining. Maybe others feel similar.


When INSIDE they should be placed in the “trash room” near the vending machines. When OUTSIDE they should be placed at the edge of the curb, across the sidewalk from our door. They need to be taken out late (10pm) and brought back in early (10am) otherwise they tend to get vandalized or stolen.

Yes, hauling them up/down three floors worth or stairs sucks.


Trash is collected Tuesday morning and Friday morning. So bins need to be out Monday night and Thursday night.