Who has permission to add new categories, and can we make a Laser category?

I think it could be really useful to have a laser category for users to discuss their projects and share advice.

Looks like there is a “laser guild”. I guess that could work. I’m gonna direct people there.

What about using the Project category? Tags could be added for the laser, 3D printers, cnc, welding, etc.

Edit: layout of the categories is a bit confusing. Meta category is for discussing the layout of this forum, but general discussion is important as well.

Admins have the ability to add categories. I can compile a list of who they are. We are not currently making enough use of tags and your questions/feedback are super helpful!

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I actually think the Laser Guild category works for this purpose. Otherwise people just reply to whatever laser feed they see in general and it gets lost or people don’t see it. I actually forgot to mention the laser guild in the last class I taught so next time I will show them how to sign up for discuss and how to find the laser guild from the get-go.

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Yes a tag could also be useful hmm. If we could sign up to get a notification whenever someone used the [LASER] tag for example that would also serve a similar function to being in the laser channel on slack and having an alert that someone needs help.

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Yeah it’s here https://discuss.noisebridge.info/c/guilds/laser

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I think it would be awesome if guilds category were directly under general. This way it can be featured more prominently - especially since it’s a branched category.