Which Open Source Projects interest you?

Please share any links or info on open source projects you discover.

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I just learned about Hydra which is a programmable video synthesis program in the browser and I can’t wait to play with it for hours and hours


I have an interest in the Godot game engine, which is capable of producing many different types of games.


Aside from the basic ones for a webdev such as myself like vscode, react, node, php, python and their ecosystems, there are a few projects which I actively depend upon:


  • FHIR and all the stuff over at https://github.com/HL7 and http://www.fhir.org/ - the draft regulations mandating interopability got published this month; I’m dealing with some health issues and frustrated by the mess, so I’m hoping to get my hands dirty with the APIs; most Bay Area healthcare uses Epic so sign up for access at https://open.epic.com/ and chat with the developers at https://chat.fhir.org/
  • linux stuff in general; I ran linux for years but never really mastered it, and in 2015 switched to macOS which has been hard to leave for various reasons (esp touchpad). Trying to migrate back. NixOS (https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/) is my primary distro on a Thinkpad T460s but I also installed a couple others from USB sticks.
    • the KDE project is an area I’ve been looking at lately, both on mac and linux; been messing around with learning how to hack on KDE applications like dolphin on mac; community is at #kde-mac (or #kde-devel) on freenode
  • MediaWiki, Wikidata, and so on - as a long-term Wikipedia editor who started a Wikimedia-oriented meetup group in SF, I should really know more about the code, but it hasn’t bubbled up as a high priority yet…

Ossia Sequencer is a framework that "Enables precise and flexible scripting of interactive scenarios. Control and score any OSC-compliant software or hardware:
Max/MSP, PureData, openFrameworks, Processing, Ableton Live, etc.

Set temporal & conditional relationships between events, interactively trigger them, hierarchize your score, and use loops to produce interactive scenarios. Automatically interpolate parameters’ values between events or draw your own curved breakpoint function. Map addresses together, and live-script your score using JavaScript."

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Matterbridge - Simple python bridge for connecting various chat systems and our various communities via a Rest API:

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I’ve been enjoying using and following Arraymancer. It’s kind of like Tensorflow/Numpy (its for deep learning and tensor manipulation) but its written in Nim which is a super fun language to use/learn.

Tellform is a very nice alternative to Google Forms and Surveymonkey. Would make a great addition to our open source Noisebridge tool kit!

CodiMD is very similar to Etherpad, which we use for weekly Meeting Notes on Riseup. However, CodiMD has a much improved design, is under active development, and includes a much better collaborative feature set! See this demo.

Here is a quick sample note I published…

Mumble is a VOIP service, which is similar to Discord / Skype / Ventrillo/ Teamspeak. It supports video conferencing, but a big strength is you can casually host 50 - 100+ active callers on 512mb of ram! See this live example. This has excellent meeting potential as it is used by various popular podcasts such as Jupiter Broadcasting and Ask Noah to manage large numbers of speakers waiting their turn to chime in.

Docker build is availabled as a murmur server which can integrate nicely into this forum.