Where to get copper clad FR4 (or similar) in SF

Used to be able to in RadioShack, are there any places the collective minds at Noisebridge think I can buy the boards in person in SF area (ideally today)?

Central Computer may be the only relevant place I can think of, and its definitely just a chance at best. If you find anywhere good to buy electronics equipment in SF, please let us know! It’s kind of a brick n mortar desert around here (real estate issues and whatnot make it hard for these kinds of businesses to survive). Online with fast shipping may be your best option if you need it that quickly.

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Yea…unfortunately the wiki is out of date in a lot of key areas. I really appreciate you bringing that to my attention, because you happen to be talking to the person who has recently taken it upon themselves to be kind of in charge of ensuring things like that get updated and that we improve our general organization. I call my role “ArchGuildmaster”. I am the leader of the Guilds project. Think of me as the “history director” or “communications officer” of Noisebridge. The vending machine wiki shall be added to my list of things to update.

Is FR4 such a commonly used item? I wonder if we have some in the “circuit hacking cart”…

Well I needed it to fix a project quickly, waiting for even 3 days to get a basic breakout board wasn’t an option. I was looking on the wiki to see if I can help with the project actually :slight_smile:
So if not on the wiki is most of the inner working of noisebridge still on slack? I don’t see the IRC channel being all that active… and the slack seems like some weird inner circle thing.

Yeah I am attempting to get more people on this forum here, and invested in editing the Wiki actually. They are public knowledge resources, unlike slack. Big bonus for a community that works the way noisebridge does. We do still need the private messaging of a slack or IRC, it serves a purpose, but at some point it became the “preferred” quick communication method, and we just need to roll that back a bit I think.

“Looking at the wiki to see if I could help with the project”
Which project exactly? The vending machine or the “organization of things” project?

Oh no no no no, been a trustee of a hackspace for 2 years, total respect but not very compatible with running a startup haha. I wanted to see if I can help with stocking the vending machine and stuff.

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Yeah, we could def work on that together a bit if you want. @Roboto should probably be looped into this, he might already stock some things pertaining to the circuit hacking class. Not 100% sure. We could start another Vending machine project thread if you want

The vending machine(last I heard) does need to be fixed… this could be a CHM thing but I would need to find the persons who worked on it last?

Thanks for the tip, went there but it seems to be ready consumer electronics and accessories (e.g. cables). Ended up jumping on the Caltrain and going to Fry’s electronics in Sunnyvale that had some https://goo.gl/maps/D9dJN6KauDt7W3YP7
I’m going to regret this given the vending machine at my hackpace in London became one of the never-ending-project jokes but wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have commonly used things in that near-empty vending machine at noisebridge? I’d have happily paid a markup to get the FR4 to rescue my project. I checked on the wiki but all I found on this topic was this can vending machine: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Vending_machine
Is there some alternate dimension wiki somewhere?

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