Where does Noisebridge live?

Yes, yes, the space has physically moved, but where does the community live? August 20, 2020 was the last recorded Tuesday meeting. I visited 2169 and 272 today and found an enormous hackerspace filled with promises of memories to be created, but very few hands with the bandwidth to provide all that’s required. There’s so much to do. Who is still here to implement do-ocracy?

Is this an unintentional reboot where those that truly care about Noisebridge are those that actively participate in its rehabilitation?

I’ll admit this is the first time I’ve visited Noisebridge in a while. Last time I was physically in the space was early 2020 and I felt like a tourist; this community is now foreign to me and I’m no longer part of it. There’s a complicated story of the reasons I detached, but a part of me still loves this madcap wonderland.

Walking through Noisebridge today made me wonder where the magic went. The answer is obvious - it’s in the community. Where did it go? Where does it live? It’s so quiet here.


There are a couple of answers on Slack, where the tl;dr is we have had meetings since Aug 20, but just haven’t put them in the proper place (I recorded one of them, so my b).

As for the other stuff: We are still closed. While there is a promise of a vaccine by 2021, for now, Noisebridge has overall been vehemently against doing anything in the space. Because we don’t see ourselves opening in the near future, we don’t have the urgency to organize everything this instant. Additionally, some people (me included now) aren’t physically nearby for the time being

That being said:

  • You juuust missed some of the big moving events, where several people worked to move the space from 2169 to 272.
  • You are not alone; several people have mentioned doing something to bring together the community online. It was suggested to bring back some classes, and once I have the time I’d love to rally people for a weekly 5mof meeting, where everyone can give a mini-lecture on stuff they’re talking about.
  • I think the social part is quite doable. In addition to a 5mof, we could potentially organize a game night for people (we’ve had impromptu Discord sessions that were super fun). This forum isn’t the best for informal chatting, but we do have a Discord now https://discord.gg/EGHM96CPtY.
  • Perhaps we could share ideas for building out the space? I think there was an accessibility guild, but people were getting too busy the last I heard. I think making formal efforts on that front will require a sense of urgency (since we’re probably all procrastinators inside :stuck_out_tongue:)

Just some thoughts. I might have more 5mof / chat night advertising, the key is to not make it a commitment … yet

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I’m only available on Saturdays, as I don’t live in SF. Is there a plan on building out the space? I think there should be construction to build out the space with a small number of people & proper protections in place. The wood shop & metal shop need walls, etc.


There is always the option to sync posts between this forum and Discord, either one-way (as currently done in Slack) or bi-directional.

Discuss has been x-posting to Slack for almost three years. It definitely makes sense to use across more platforms Noisebridge relies on; does this sound interesting? If it sounds useful, I or other volunteers could set it up.

Just comes down to which forum messages/categories/tags are properly linked to which Discord whatever/discord/does. That is done through a little trial-and-error. :+1:


I wouldn’t say this was unexpected.

good to see ya here, I hope to see ya around when NB is safe + open post-vaccine. You are part of the culture (and missed!)


p.s. 3D printers now have lasercutting add-ons? whoa


It’s now May 2021. I am indeed looking for where does the community ‘live’. Even online, I can’t find it. Not on IRC, not in mailing lists, not here on discuss.noisebridge it seems. Not on discord.

I can’t access slack. I’m thinking people are there.

Are we in post-vaccine world yet?

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Where does Noisebridge live? Good question. What is Noisebridge anyway? Was it ever really real?

Ive noiced this too…NB seems to be in a weird hibernation state. No 5mof events happening since Jan 2021 either, from what I can tell.

Are Tues meetings not happening right now? I have the same questions. Morpheus, we need guidance.

p.s. how underrated of an actor is Laurence Fishburne? srsly, that dood roolz.


Hello there excellent Noisebridgers!

@Zach @michaelhoward9
We have in fact been doing weekly meeting every Tuesday at 7 PM on Jitsi (with some of us in the space now :)) ) , and are currently preparing Noisebridge for reopening every Saturday from noon to 5. I admit that I have been using Slack more often, as I can easily tag people and can reach a wider audience more quickly.
I’d like to reiterate that we are NOT open right now… as we have a bit of work to do first. First, we arranged the Hackitorium last Saturday, but to reopen Noisebridge, we’d want the soldering station, sewing machines, woodshops, and machine shops to be open too. If you have any strong opinions and suggestions on how those should be built, please let the community know or attend our buildouts. @the and I will also be happy to fill you in in person if you come by the space. We are also will take help on Saturdays so long as you let us know in advance!

Additionally, we invited @lizzard to help us with ADA compliance in the first floor, and potential short-term and long-term solutions for getting people to the second floor. We would definitely appreciate your help @Zach.

And I apologize for not recording the 5MoF or announcing it on Discord, but we have been doing 5MoF every month, and I moderated in the space this month for May. Still planning to do one on June 17, welcoming Jitsi participants and (depending on interest and space turnout) in-person ones too!

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To clarify: I’d love to reach out to you. It sounds like you want to reach out to us. Just tell me how to do that. We did announce 5mof here for May, and announced our meeting on Tuesday, if you want to be explicitly tagged in our announcements here I can do so.

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I wanted to clarify:

Discuss does have a lot of integrated features to make it more accessible, which was the result of hard work by NB members. It also is useful for lengthy and topical discussion, since you have more space to write, can limit visibility of certain responses, and tag each individual post by topic.
I like the concept of immediately available video chat in Discord in tandem with its text messaging system, which goes a long way to creating the virtual hackerspace we’ve talked about. This is why I am currently advertising for our Discord. I also realize it’s a proprietary service which may require a mail-based login (ppl without a GMail could confirm this).