When is noisebridge open?

When is noisebridge open for visitors?
I plan to visit next week as a newcomer, what days/hours are best?

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Hey! If you can come on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon, that would be great!


I won’t be able to drop my until late next week. Will noisebridge still be open in the afternoon then?

Noisebridge will definitely be open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and will likely be open Friday. I’ll update the current times we’re open at noisebridge.net in big letters.

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Do you all have hack shelves set up at the new location? It has been a while since I’ve been to NB but
I’m moving and have some stuff (Kinect, LEDs, 3dp filament, soldering station, OpenWRT capable access points, etc) that I’d rather donate to NB than ewaste.


I’m not familiar with the openWRT access point, but we could certainly use everything else! I assume the Kinect is still functional?

Yep should be functional. Will try to bike this stuff down during the open hours posted on the site.

Yay! OpenWRT wifi routers! I don’t know enough about networking but It’d be fun to teach people more FLOSS tools to get into their lives.

All of that stuff sounds and useful. Fillament types matter to what the printers can print and we may throw away any that is too degraded in quality to use, but please donate. If we need to e-waste it it won’t be on your responsibility. Thank you for donating to noisebridge and putting in a good effort to reduce e waste pollution.

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