What is the proper way to host a class on Jitsi?

What is the proper, best way to host a class on our Jitsi server? Assume one account for the presentation machine (built in audio and screen sharing) plus a client device such as a phone from the presenter (for describing what they are doing on their screen). Are any other credentials needed to smooth out this process @the ?

Anyone can create a class in any “room” on jitsi. Just go to jitsi.noisebridge.io and put in whatever you want the room to be called. When you create it it will be open to anyone to join, as the creator/host you can optionally add a password.

I usually just use a single laptop, and do a screen share of a window or the whole desktop, and then if you turn on your camera it will give a picture in picture overlay. You can log in with two machines and get a little fancier.

I also recommend installing OBS Studio, and with consent of all participants, recording locally so it can be posted later for others.

I also have all of this hardware configured and remotely accessible to run classes virtually from inside the space. However, in practice it works better to run on your own from home.