What do you use to make sounds?

I thought it’d be Good and Stuff to catalogue the programs people use.

Digital Audio Workstations

Ardour - Excellent, open source DAW. Uses text files to save sessions.
Bespoke - open source DAW designed around modularity. Intended to be more similar to VCV Rack and modular synthesis.
Reaper - similar to ProTools. Proprietary, but runs on all platforms including ARM devices. Can be run alongside other DAW’s via rewire. $120 to purchase a license on honor system, but the demo includes no limitations on features.
Ableton - Proprietary, hugely popular and heavily used DAW in popular music on Mac and Windows. $450 per license and 90 day trial available.
Bitwig Studio - Proprietary and Designed by ex-Ableton employees. Supports Linux and more designed for online collaboration between users. $400 and trial available.
Zrythm - fully open source DAW focused on automation and workflow. Development began in 2019.

Audio Tools

Audacity - Simple audio editing anyone can use. Can function as a DAW, but you’ll probably end up using one of the tools above.
VCV Rack - Open source software directly modeled after many popular modular synthesis modules in Eurorack format. Teach yourself modular! Can interface with DAW’s.

One guy at Noisebridge uses Ableton.

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Supp I use Ableton. But can mess with anything. Currently Interested in Synthesis, samplers Modular(CVRack), Tape, and leaning into RawData & Supercollider. If you bout this shit hit me up. Make NoIse!!!


To add on to this I am interested in building a Diy Organelle or Norns either using a normal pc otherwise I know its possible with an Arduino and Lua? But Im lacking in the technical minutia. let me know if anyone has a broader understanding of making this possible. I am on Soundcloud.https://soundcloud.com/user-494447994

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Probably not possible with arduino, but I know that people have made diy norns with a raspberry pi or pisound, as the norns is running on raspberry pi guts to begin with (with the added adc, dac, and control circuits.) Search the lines forum for more info at llllllll.co

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