Weird activity on Stripe

Looking at the “details” link next to the failed build, I found the error You are trying to install in deployment mode after changing your Gemfile. Run bundle install elsewhere and add the updated Gemfile.lock to version control., so someone who has ruby needs to run bundle install in this branch and commit the new Gemfile.lock and that should fix at least this error.

Hey, I know I’m on the GitHub, but I haven’t done the things being requested before and I don’t have the capacity to do any infrastructure work right now for Noisebridge. I got some access when Ben was visiting beginning of March a week or two before going to hospital for my pregnancy because I wanted to be able to do things like deploy my changes to and add people to email aliases. And right now I don’t completely have access to do either of these – lost the vault password Ben gave me for email aliases and don’t have access to deploy yet. This is the second time I’ve been tagged on infra related stuff so I wanted to clarify. Thanks for your understanding.

Oy, noted that I shouldn’t tag you for infrastructure. I apologise! Thank you for all the other wonderful things you do for Noisebridge, Ruth! :pray: