Weekly Algorithms class!

Just to let you know we are having a weekly class on algorithms, Wednesdays at 6 pm! Come there to brush up on interview skills or to learn more about computer science algorithms, such as this week’s class on graphs.


For anyone who sees this, this thread is now deprecated, as I’ve moved to other things. It sounds like Paul’s got you if you want there to be an algorithms / interview class.

Yeah, we could cover some of that in interview training. Would be interested in knowing the previous curriculum to have some continuity. Is it on the wiki?

Uhh a lot of it is here https://wiki.journalclub.info/algorithms2021/?updated and on the white boarding and algorithms channel on Discord. It’s mostly me studying for an Algorithms class I had more than a specific curriculum.

If you see something helpful in there, though, I’d be happy to compile it into something more organized