Weather Derivatives #weatherderivatives

weather derivatives. Mixes crazy capitalism, ecologicism, benevolent economists, socialism, libertarianism, people who pay taxes, justice, injustice, etc. A naked play for learning financial markets, instruments and fintech and blockchain without getting bored.

Conceived during the hack for earth hackathon hanging out with all these crazy energy industry dudes and green tech start up folks.

Benevolent possibitiies

  • Using weather derivative futures (is that even a term) for farmer’s cooperatives insurance premiums
  • Using the market to discourage people from building homes in high fire zones and penalizing people for doing stupid things like planting the wrong kinds of trees and grass in areas with high fire potential (people respond to money)
  • um…

Chaotic Good / potential evil

  • Potentially evil - enabling real estate speculation for formerly super cold areas like Greenland or Siberia
  • All the wacky things that happen in current markets
  • Evil shorting behavior that benefits off people’s suffering but to be honest the market is amoral

This is on slack too, more convenient, but I guess I should post here more :slight_smile:

I mean I want to also look at the active stuff going on now, honestly without too much of a moral lens, ti looks really interesting and there are already Bloomberg tv spots on it etc

I bet Putin is all over the latter possibilities. Maybe we could get him to come over here and give a guest lecture as part of some sort of Art/Tech residency. I’m on the board: I could set up some sort of money filtering scheme from our bank account to pay for this (it will be expensive).

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oh wow! such Rorschach blott ^^^ up there @fineline :laughing:

Dude, I just want to selfishly learn all this stuff you do in a short time without having to get the physics degree (actually totally awesome just takes too long and induces too much depression) and work at a hedge fund (actually would be fun tbh) and have to go drinking with lots of sexist bros that are PUA

Girls just wanna have fun and learn markets

Seriously it looks like a fun target. You like markets? check. You like weather? check. you like global warming reports? check. you like reading cool derivatives posts by people who are not incels? check. you like big weather maps full of fire and ice? check. you like saving the world? check. you like viewing amorality setting the amazon on fire not to destroy the amazon but just to understand how deep reality is? check

Who’s the bird looking dude putting his hands on Daenerys in the photo?

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Are you trying to make me feel old? This is from the Dark Crystal, not game of thrones.

OK Steve now I’m in London this winter. London is a saucy, strawberry blonde traders that jog the thames in shorts in the winter hotbed of weather derivatives. Frankly I know jack about all this stuff, I’ve bene in tech a while, but didn’t a lot of people with honorable degrees (physics) work in the financial industry for a few years? I promise I won’t tell your mother.

From 2007:

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weather is rapidly becoming the centre of the one of the most attractive sectors in the financial markets. Increasing volatility in the weather is helping to fuel the trading of related derivatives, or futures contracts that allow investors to bet on or hedge against fluctuations in the weather.

Among the most powerful catalysts has been the entry of hedge funds into weather derivatives market over the past five years.

This article is about 12 years old. So with global warming, weird real estate insurance issues I wonder how it is now?

it is kind of cool to learn this but since we’re engineers etc. we don’t have to be good looking. Man, people are really good looking here who work in derivatives, it’s a requirement for London guys but not for us. We shall investigate as we do not have these product requirements to explore this area.