We need help finding "Project Earmarks" for previous Donations via the old donation portal

Really appreciate any help in figuring out what our past many years of donations were earmarked for. Discussed in the meeting.

Meeting Notes follow for reference:
Tyler proposes resetting the dedicated funds since they’re just speculative at this point.

Ryan: We should probably keep the equiptment fund, for 50% funding of purchaces.

James: there was supposed to be a high limit, a cutoff for how much noisebridge can contribute, i dont remember what it was…

We should look it up, should be findable on the wiki. Equipment fund was originally created with group input. Might have been entirely through do-ocracy or Consensus. Start searching!

Ryan: We could reset and maybe let the guilds be in charge of their funds?

Tyler: We could have the guilds decide what they want funded, like a gofundme for specific equipment

James: What about those groups that fundraised for a long time? No way to confirm the funds they raised, even over many years? Is there any way to figure this out with info we have now?

Tyler: yeah but it would be a difficult, manual process…

James: Was tracked by selecting a project when you donate. Has not been migrated over yet.

Note “General Fund” is the only selectable option now. They used to be tons of options in previous portal.

Any help with learning how this projects functionality works is greatly appreciated! See these links and let us know!

Here is the old portal we no longer use: https://github.com/noisebridge/donate.noisebridge.net

Tyler: How much money do you think is in the VR and GNAR funds?

James: Not sure, but check out the links above.

Tyler: Go to github, look who most recently worked on the donate page, see if you can ask them if they made a backup of the fund data.

James: Could be possible to find out if these “project” donations were stored somewhere by previous maintainers. I’ll ask the old maintainers if they can assist.

lxpk: Could we use Quickbooks or something like that?

Tyler: We do use Quickbooks. We’re not using Little Green Light(?) anymore, but Ruth did back up the data from it.

lxpk: Could we integrate Quickbooks to donate page?

James: If we can figure out what the old donations were (see discussion above) we could combine it with a new system that tracks everything via quickbooks or similar.

I don’t know how up to date the following API info is, but in standing the noisetor.net homepage back up I noticed these:



Anyone know where the source code is for cha-ching.noisebridge.net ?

Answered my own question: https://gitlab.com/cha-ching/chaching

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Edit: Found the maintainer email listed. Contacting.

I’m curious about how accurate this is. I see exactly 30 donations for gnar and 30 donations for general fund and 30 donations for laser this month… 6 for noisetor in the last month. I don’t know…

Even made up projects names work ala gnarrrll1

Hmm, I can get Gnar and Noisetor results to go back 1y or 1 year by modifying the url.

I tried going back 13m or 13+ months or 2y, but that returns

Page not found

The requested page could not be found.

API documentation

RSS format

List of donations to Noisebridge general fund in past month.
List of Noisetor donations in past month.

JSON format

Total donations to Noisebridge general fund in past month.
Total donations to Noisebridge general fund in past year.
List of donations to Noisebridge general fund in past month.
List of donations to Noisebridge general fund in past year.
Total Noisetor donations in past month.
Total Noisetor donations in past year.
List of Noisetor donations in past month.
List of Noisetor donations in past year.

Based on the cha-ching front page, which includes a handy rss feed, it seems tracking only extends back one year, at least on this graph gui.