We need guidance

Our $173k in cash (down from $200k) is a target. If the NB robot bartender serves a whiskey, vodka, or other alcoholic beverage to someone who later claims they suffered an injury in the woodshop, sparkle forge, or elsewhere, are we protected, or will we have to make a payout?

You just posted this two different places, could you… not do that.

No. In a direct message, RGW suggested I post in Finance at discuss.noisebridge.info, which I did. I was surprised to see the system had then automatically posted it in finance-wg at Slack. The Slack version showed “Noisebridge” as the source. That version has been removed, by you?

I’m going to move this to general, it’s not a finance question, and we’re hitting a meta-discussion.

@Tom I really suggest you find the answers to these questions and come back with a problem statement and possible solution. No one is tasked to do work for you.

People are cherry picking this robot as a problem. It’s disappointing. I don’t know why people come to an Anarchist hackerspace and expect anything else. There are plenty of non-Anarchist places to hang out.


The info surrounding an issue like this is extremely hard to find (noisebridge specifically), and has important topics embedded in it that I think should be expressed during a general meeting, as both serving alchohol as noisebridge, and the information around safety at noisebridge while using tools hasn’t been brought up for quite a while. Thank you @Tom for asking this question.