We need a cool logo or coat of arms!

Music Guild needs a dope logo! Other guilds have a coat of arms. Please submit something if you feel inspired.

I’ll think on it. Maybe inspired by Paul McCartney’s arms - https://i.redd.it/h3ro5osg50t11.jpg

Interesting. I think it should be neutral as far as what instrument it depicts though, if any. A guitar is not universal. A musical note or other non-specific symbol is (i.e. a treble or bass clef is also not universal but a music staff is).

Maybe some representation of sound waves? Or a speaker

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Doodlin’ with the music staff idea. Some heraldic, some more logoesque, though a coat would be nice to match the rest of the guilds…

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The shield one looks cool.

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How would the shield look with a piano keyboard layout of white and black notes rather than bars?



This is Lit. Nice design

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