We have a dust collector!

Ignore the sign: we now have ventilation in the woodworking room! Next step is adding a bottom with a bucket or trash can for easier disposal.

(Also please don’t stick your fingers in the top of the fan, you won’t keep them)


Wowza! All this talk for years about going through all the effort to swap Dirty Shop with Church for ventilation and all we had to do was park a fancy box on a bench?

Thank you for protecting our hacky lungs, Tyler! How often do we need to clean or change the filter?

Of course! Hopefully it helps out. Probably around monthly (depending on the amount of wood-shop usage). It’s a 20x20 filter and they are around $5.

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Super awesome. Any thoughts on how we could make it easy for us to remember to change the filter? Like, for example, having extras and having clear signage that instructs people when it needs to be done?
There’s a certain kind of designing for noisebridge where you wanna design for well-meaning people but With both short attention span and short memory.

You wanna set them up to success to be prompted to know they need to do a task and that they can learn how to do it right and finish it in a short time.


Hah. Solid idea. I’ll be expanding on it a bit, and I’ll add a little shelf to the with a couple new air filters.