WE ARE MOVING! Join us in planning the move by clicking here

we just consensed on moving during the Tuesday night general meeting.

here is our new moving volunteer sign up form

this is only the start of this, many topics will be created shortly.

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I couldn’t stay late for the whole meeting, but that’s awesome news!!

One MaJOr request though: can someone live stream video from the space before the move, so I can guide people with what’s valuable in the hardware section and what not to throw out??

My heart still aches for what we lost in 2.0 reboot and i wanna prevent disaster


My heart still aches over what we lost in the reboot 2.0 too. We lost a box of lenses worth thousands. And I lost my whole hack shelf because I was out of town and only 14 days of notice was given.

Never get rid of tools! A sewing machine is a tool. A broom is a tool. A roll of string is a tool. Keep the entire contents of the electronics workbench and the bench itself. I hope we keep the library and the maple table that was directly in front of it. Keep the workbench in the dirty shop.

On the whole, Noisebridge was better after the reboot. I am optimistic that the new space will be a good move. I’m glad it’s so close to the old space. Kudos to those that made it happen.

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