Wanted: 10 AWG wire

I need about 10 feet of red, black, and white 10AWG wire to finish off the water heater under the not-kitchen sink. This sucker takes 240V@30A. I only found spools of 12AWG and I’m not interested in violating more building codes.

While digging around, I found a blue wire with a breaker on one end and a nut on the other. I removed it and put it in the box of breakers in the sparkleforge.

I’m not aware of any in the space, and I didn’t see any while looking around just now.

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I was finally able to get over to B&K Electrical and pick up wire for this. It is on my locker. 20 feet of each color, 10 AWG thhn solid.


I’ve installed the conduit, wire, and heater. We have hot water at the main sink again.


Well, at least as warm as the heater can make it.