Want to use my laser cutter?

Long-long time no see folks!

I had to move out of the city during the Covid shutdowns. I moved my studio down to San Carlos just off the 101. With Noisebridge unavailable to me- I decided to buy a nice ThunderLaser Nova 35 Laser Cutter (among other things).

But it has a lot of idle time- so if anyone is looking for laser time in the mid-peninsula area please message me here or on discord!

Glad to see ya’ll are back open and hope to visit the new location soon.


omg this is awesome!! i always have laser needs :slight_smile:


Hey, couldn’t figure out how to private message, so just posting here.

Would you be willing to test cut a ~15mm diameter circle into 1mm thick polypropylene? I just don’t know if a laser cutter can cut it. A quick google search tells me it can be done, but not sure what power is required.

I’m making a device for biomedical research and just need to cut some holes out of the bottom of a polypropylene well plate (see pic). Would just like to test cut if possible. Will look into finding another laser cutter source if it works. I can’t tell if Noisebridge laser cutter is working (never been there), but will check it out on Sunday.

While I have never personally cut polypropylene- I know it can be done. You’re only doing 1mm thick which will cut very fast with a 100W laser.

In lightburn, you can use the Material Test Generator to find the right settings:


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Cool, thanks for the tip! This is exactly what I want to do. If I can cut it with a 40W laser, I’ll just try using one of the cheap 40W units from Amazon.