Want to 3D print my groovy design

Hiya. I drew up a 3-piece canister in Fusion 360. After several iterations with designers, I am now ready to print what I have. I haven’t 3D printed anything before. I’m so excited!

I’ve read through the instructions, here: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/3D_Printing#Printing_on_your_own_computer

So I’m going to get an SD card, install software on my computer, and download the 3D logo from Thingiverse. But I’m wondering a few things:

  • Is there a better time to come around and print. It would be nice to have someone whom I could ask question if I get stuck?
  • Has someone organized a Replicator Wednesdays?
  • Should I bring anything besides the SD card? Like filament or tape?
  • Which printer is good to start with?

Thanks for any tips, here. So looking forward to it!

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FyI I believe the only functioning printer is monoprice mini. There has been some talk about fundraising for a creality cr10. Just make sure your object is small enough to fit. I think the mini bed is like 100mm^3.


There’s currently a big roll of PLA working in the printer, the only thing to remember with sd cards for the mini is they should be partitioned into 4 gb or less if they are bigger than 4 gb because the mini can’t handle the big blocks.


Use PLA not ABS. Should be lots of PLA around the 3d printing area.