VR computer uptime thread

To let people know, I am reparing the vr computer, that is why it is in chaos. Please do not touch it.

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VR computer will be brought to maker faire this weekend so vr will be down again.

I have a Meta I would like to install software on and have access to an HDMI and a 3.0 USB, If I can get this done, I can bring the Augmented Reality Headset with me…

Once vr computer is back at noisebridge gamebridge can help

Vr computer is fully back up, thank you @Bernice for doing the last bit.

I’d like to connect my laptop to the Vive for a short time.

I use Oculus Rift on my Laptop. I’m trying to discern if switching to an HMD that runs SteamVR natively (like the index) would increase performance on SteamVR games over my Rift, or if the performance issues I’m experiencing have nothing to do with the performance overhead of using the Rift with SteamVR.

Please let me know if this would be alright, and any information I would need to do this.


Hello people, the VR area is being moved to the front of noisebridge near where the gaming archivists stuff is. I’ll let people know when it is set back up.