Volunteers needed all day Sunday October 25th to finish 2169 Mission move (elevator is working now!)

Looks like the elevator at 2169 Mission is back in service as of Friday - repaired, inspected, and ready to facilitate removal of the remaining Big Stuff that’s been waiting to go. That is, about a dozen tables, a couple locker banks, several (stupid heavy) machine shop things, a kiln, a big bookshelf, and a few other bulky bits

Some of these items willl need at least 3 or 4 people to wrangle expeditiously though many probably can be dealt with by 2 people (and a working elevator) … Planning to spend Saturday dealing with the easier stuff and (especially) clearing out landing zones at 272 for the bulk of the stuff to be moved on Sunday.

Some volunteers would be certainly be welcome to help with the easier stuff on Saturday afternoon, but most important date will be Sunday when we’ll be wanting to have enough people on deck for the heavy lifting.

So we’re looking at two shifts for the Sunday funday: first from 10 AM to 2 PM, and then from 2 PM until 6 PM.


Hope the moving is going well today. I can help later on this week or next weekend I think. I helped out for a little yesterday but it was fairly tiring.

Might need more moving dollies and/or other moving apparatuses for easing the moving process.

Thanks for the help and points @D-Pain on the apparatuses, we got another hand truck and dolly on loan, so we have 2 each now and the big rolling platform.

Also thanks to a few others that came out over the weekend (@culteejen, John +JD)

There are still some multi people big stuff to elevator and wheel around before the end of the week.

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lulz …



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