Volunteer for Upcoming MOVE DAYS

Hey Noisebridgians, hope you’re finding a way to breathe relatively clean air in the midst of FIRENADO season.

As we monitor the air quality around San Francisco, we’re looking at the end of this week and the coming weekend as decent times to get some of the requisite huffin’ and puffin’ accomplished.

Upcoming work days where we’ll need lots of spare hands to move Big Stuff:

*** This Friday, Aug 25, 2020 – 10:30AM onwards ***

*** This Sunday, Aug 27, 2020 – 12PM onwards ***

BIG STUFF THAT NEEDS MOVING can be found on this database.

Help is very appreciated in filling this DB with the sq-footage of all of the Big Stuff items in advance of the above work days. Go ahead and add whatever notes seem useful about its weight and how many people we might need to move it.

If you can help please reply here or reply on Slack.

(You may also get an email from me or another coordinator in the coming days and weeks. Apologies for the redundancy, we have a lot of communication channels and it’s hard to know who’s paying attention to which ones.)

WE NEED A LOT MORE HANDS, we’re definitely short-handed right now. Think about reaching out to any able-bodied friends you may have. Volunteering is fun and generates camaraderie, and we could probably stand to give out some free T-shirts and stickers for the effort, I think!

See the front page of Noisebridge.net for a calendar of upcoming Work Days.

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I’ll be by the space on Sunday around noon to work with MonkeyBrains on moving our service to 272 Capp.

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I’ll be around tomorrow afternoon. And then Saturday. I’ll try to rope in 1-2 additional volunteers Saturday.

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OK – one good thing to do on Saturday would be to stage items to go off on a truck come Sunday.

I’ll be there Sunday with another volunteer.

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https://app.slack.com/client/T027UKEC9/C027UKECM, Is construction on friday aug 28 limiting of vehicle flow cleared ?

I’ll be at 2169 Mission in about an hour in a few hours and will see.

road construction mondays-friday daytime , not saturday-sunday