Virtually Maker Faire Noisebridge

Hello all I just got an email from the Make: team about their upcoming virtually maker faire on may 23, and asking if we want to present during it.

I want to know what stuff all of you are interested in presenting at the event. I am still waiting to hear more from their team about how many things we can present, and already thought up a few proposals that I sent in my preliminary email.

I already started our application and just need to add projects and people to the application before I submit it. We might end up limited to a small number of projects, so if we get a lot of project proposals I’ll create a voting form to allow people to decide what they want us to present.

Here is a Google form for filling out the project information

And here is a form for people to fill out their own information.

.Here is what I emailed their team-

"Thank you so much for reaching out, I am quite interested and on behalf of Noisebridge would like to know more about what you all are planning on doing and how best Noisebridge could exhibit. I will let the Noisebridge community know about this and ask for our community to submit projects so I can add them to our application. What is the timeline for applications, and what is the limit for number of workshops, presentations, project demonstrations, etc. I am ecspecting that the linup of interested groups and presenters right now would be-

Circuit Hacking Monday (workshop)
Simbridge VR hackerspace project (presentation / demonstration)
Our hydroponics group (presentation / demonstration)
A brief history of the modern maker and hacker movement. (presentation)
How does a hackerspace like Noisebridge Run? (Presentation)

I’ll also find out if any noisebridgers have projects they want to submit to the family maker camp."

Please get back to me by Friday if you want to be a part of the faire.

Hello All, so as no one filled out the Maker faire form, so we ended up not participating in Virtually Maker Faire, There were a ton of wonderful presentations, I’ll link a few later.

Oh man that’s a bummer. Things were too hectic in my life when I first saw this post and since I’ve been out of the loop for so long I didn’t hear about it until last minute.
I’m assuming it’s too late to add anything now? I had a project I was going to present last year but I guess it will have to wait another year.

Anyway looking forward to seeing some of the presentations!