Venture Capital Companies for Hardware

Just thought this could use a thread for ppl looking for hardware funding. Add to the list. - 18-360 days. $250K seed investment. - 200K - 1.5MM

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There’s Lemnos Labs, Playground Global that are area based.
As someone who’s raised funding for a hardware product through YC, the state of the current investor appetite is such that you are probably better off re-positioning as a service business with a “solved” hardware component if at all possible. I’ve helped a few startups a significant hardware component raise funding that way. Are there a few founders at Noisbridge? Shall we sort out a meetup / hack-night?

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Root ventures and PCH (mainly advisory) are both near by.

Vive X accelerator for XR tech.

And I forgot a ton of Silicon valley ones I’ve visited, but a large number of them are quite terrible at consistently helping the companies that they fund. I have heard many more horror stories from start ups than good ones. My best advice is to go as long as possible without venture capital, or have a really good strategy that you can prove, and limit their control. I know many viable companies that failed due to investors screwing them up.

I think noisebridge should definitely have a startup and anti-startup meetup. Many startups would do much better as traditional small businesses with loans, compared to startups with venture capital.

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