/V/ermin /V/eekend Beta testing

Hi there everybody. I recently posted about a week ago about working on a pokemon-like web app. The app itself is called /V/ermin /V/eekend /V/eb (inspired by the lovely people from 4chan.org/v/). I was able to get some people to help me out and would like to announce that we are doing a beta test in two weeks on Tuesday the 28th at Noisebridge

Basic background info on what /V/ermin /V/eekend is:
Vermin Wiki

We haven’t worked out all the exact details yet on how beta testing will go, but basically up to 16 people will be able to submit their monster during the day. Then, in the evening, the tournament will commence. The app is set up so that you don’t need microsoft paint to draw your monster as the app has it’s own drawing canvas. A drawing pad will be provided for those who would like to use it.

Lookin’ forward to some online cockfighting.

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