Updating the website

UPDATE: these changes have been do-ocratically made by me.

Here’s what I think and I want to hear your thoughts. If I don’t hear anything I will start to do-ocratically do the things:

  • our lease is being renewed, likely for 4 years, so there’s no pressure to find a new space now. I think while having our own building would be nice in the long run, there are zero people actively working on it right now.
  • reflecting on our grant application efforts, I think we have some local community building to do before we can get any money for serving the local community (things like working with local schools)

For website updates

  1. we should definitely remove anything that says our lease is expiring and we’re moving out
  2. I’m interested in removing the Forever Home references since there is no one currently working on it that people who read the website can contact
  3. I’m interested in having a generic donation ask on our website, something about us being so accessible because we are run by volunteers and donations, and here is where you can go to donate money or help teach a class
  4. I’m interested in having a community outreach ask on our website, to look for people who can coordinate community outreach. I would be happy to be the contact person for this.

Current website: https://www.noisebridge.net/
Current forever home website (we can keep this since it’s kind of a secret link): https://www.noisebridge.net/forever_home.html

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