Updated Public Health Directive

The city has recently updated some guidance for organizations, including this PDF specifically for Higher Education Programs including those by non-profit’s. While this may not be exact or entirely our classification, it does seem highly relevant to our potential activities.

I would encourage all those interested to look it over and provide any summary of thoughts or concerns. Particular for those of us interested in hosting on-line or in person activities. @Roboto I’m thinking CHM and @pyconaut NeuroTech or GameBridge. I’ll be using this as reference for this Thursday’s 5MoF as well.

“…to operate generally through remote learning and in some instances outdoor in-person instruction in small groups, and in limited circumstances through in-person instruction indoors, all subject to specified health and safety requirements and restriction.”

Steps required PRIOR to anyone conducting such activities are:
A. make the Health and Safety Plan available to students or Personnel on request
B. provide a summary of the Health and Safety Plan to all Personnel working on site or otherwise in the City in relation to its operations
C. post the Health and Safety Plan at each entrance to any physical business or campus site within the City.
Also, each Higher Education Program must provide a copy of the Health and Safety Plan and evidence of its implementation to any authority enforcing this Directive upon demand.

thanks for this, very helpful!