unMeeting 4/2/2019 was great here's a link to the notes

As usual all the people at the meeting were excellent and we talked lots about NB stuff. Thanks to everyone who was able to participate and if you want a summery see: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2019_04_02

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Hi everyone. Sorry about the lack of fundraising meeting. Meetings with S/K are suspended for now while we discuss the next 6 months of engagement. Unfortunately we’re extremely short on personnel right now with Matt on break, Nicole busy with work, and me in the hospital. I want to organize someone else to run a meeting to on board new people to help with fundraising (I can’t do it myself because I’m going to have a baby). Will announce if anything comes from that. Otherwise we might just be in a situation where it’s too few people to even have the time to on board new people :frowning:

I believe we have an actual accountant (named Evan) on the case for finances right now helping us complete the migration to QuickBooks to automate reporting. So hopefully that too will be resolved despite a lack of people power.


@Mark, no, Evan is an accountant. He’s actually in Seattle (we were introduced by Scandiuzzi Krebs, who are also based on Seattle). If you search ‘Tucker’ in #finance-wg you can find the contract we have with him. I believe it’s $45 per hour. Nicole is indeed the main contact, and I don’t think it’s really something other people should be in contact for as his role is helping us get all our sensitive financial information (which only a few Noisebridgers have access to) properly coded into Quickbooks. So it’s not very relevant to space searching and fundraising except that once he’s finished, we will have financial info to show to landlords and organizations with grants.


Good to know, thanks!

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Hey @mpmckenna8 @Mark! The on boarding meeting is happening!! Can you make this Tuesday at 6pm? Deets here We need volunteers to help with fundraising!

I’m back from my holiday last week and ready to onboard some haxxors.

Thanks for the update! Hope you can make it back to NB soon.

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Thanks for the update Ruth. Who is Evan? Are they a noisebridger? Is someone like nicole maintaining contact with them? This would be good stuff to know for anyone who wants to be more involved in space-searching and fundraising.

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