Understanding this Consensus Items category

Propose on the Wiki (click me).
Propose at 8pm Tuesday Meeting.
Discuss for another week.
Consensus is reached or blocked.

Why does this exist?

Consensus Items are a major part of our weekly Tuesday Meeting.
Items that have been submitted will be listed on our wiki and are actively seeking group approval.

  • Please read over any items listed here and discuss them to your hearts content!
  • Join our Tuesday Meetings at 8pm PST if you feel you’d like to discuss them there as well.
  • If an item does not need Consensus, or is withdrawn, it should be moved out of #consensus-items and back to General #uncategorized for discussion.

How do I learn more about Consensus?

  • Research past Consensus items.
    You’ll find a lot of details on the Consensus Process on our wiki.
  • Consider whether you actually need to seek group approval at all… most things just need you to take action, which we call doocracy. Good places on this forum to look for more information and ask questions are General #uncategorized and #projects.

Is this page missing something important?
It is set to wiki mode, so please feel free to edit and improve it.

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I’ve updated the Consensus category description and added wiki links; hopefully this helps others interested in learning about this process.

Please note: You are likely able to do whatever you wish without seeking Consensus. :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask others, and be excellent to each other.