Un 86'ing [name redacted]

About a year ago, I had an fairly serious issue with (name redacted) and he ended up on the 86 list. (5th down)

I just had a long conversation with him. Based on this conversation I would like to un 86 him for a number of reasons.

  1. a potential employer in netsec found this information. In this case it would be fair to take it down, but not necessarily unban him.

  2. He did apologize, and explained some of his actions and knew it wasn’t an excuse. At the time, things were very stressful for him for many reasons. I knew that at the time, but was more concerned the stress would push him towards acting on this threats. We spoke about how he is dealing with the issues, and how much he has missed the space in the previous year. I thought his feelings towards the space were the most compelling, especially in terms of informing his future behavior.

I feel comfortable un 86’ing him, and I would give him a second chance to access the space.

I explained to him that the behavior, meant or not, won’t be tolerated ever and will result in a permanent 86 if there is a next time.

If this issue is resolved, I will anonymize this post but would like to keep it up so we have.


It says he threatened multiple members. Any chance you can follow up with them also?

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A couple people have expressed concerns to me or on slack. I’m withdrawing this based on those concerns. I’m going to fuzz his name in this post regardless but keep the post so ppl see 86ing might not be permanent (as ppl have been 86d and let back in in the past)

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I think it would be good if there was a way for him (and people on 86 in general) to relay his apology to the community or the other people involved. In terms of the 86 page and people outside NB seeing that, it is possible to remove the photo since there is precedent for that (Nick) and also likely no risk of premature return. On the other hand I dont know how serious the threats were etc.

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A better reconciliation process is warranted, for sure, and many people have indicated they want one. However, I went through a ton of bullshit over 86ing Nick (and continue to do so) so I’m pretty keen on making sure newer people know the truth about that entry and why there’s no photo. His picture wasn’t removed because he was contrite. It’s his social capital.

Nick’s is the ONLY photo that is missing because he is getting special treatment. It’s all hashed on space-guardians on slack so I don’t feel the need to rehash it here. People can look starting on Dec 25 2018 to see the whole story.

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