Two Evenings of Music and Theatre

Join us for a completely free evening of music and theatre. There will also be food and drink available. Invite your friends! Let me know if you need directions.


  • Come for the free entertainment, stay for the quality local talent!
  • You are sophisticated!
  • Your hipster friends will be jealous!

What Noisebridgers have said about my shows…

Your show knocked me back in my seat! - gaardn

An intense and delightful experience. James moved though a variety of mood and material which took me along on a comical and deeply personal journey. The show moved quickly and changed in tone and setting often, but James clear performance kept me with him at every step. At the end of the show I felt really good and excited about life. - Jarrod

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Show is tonight, 8pm! Join us, just off Cesar Chavez! All are invited.