Tuesday Weekly Meeting September 29th

Will be on the usual zoom for all things meeting at 8pm. In the meantime there is a live feed of the space that has been up for over 10 days, if you want to come help and try to break it, jump on in https://jitsi.noisebridge.io/capp (you will be asked to optionally enable your mic/cam) please update your Nym by clicking “Fellow Jitser (me)” in the thumbnail.

Link to wiki with link to live notes and zoom: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Meeting_Notes_2020_09_29

Currently @the @Roboto & @fnord will be present, room for a couple more in the driveway, if @culteejen @Keiarra or others want to drop in

is there a recurring link for tues meetings? wheres the best up to date source for them?

edit: nvm its SUPER clear here haha:

Right now links for the Tuesday meeting are in the footer (scroll to bottom of the page).
Meeting is listed as recurring on the calendar (in hamburger - three line menu). This could use more finessing, but it does repeat automatically. Here is the link