Tuesday Meeting Takeaways 06/02/21

Some takeaways from Tuesday’s Meeting:

  • We will hold a 3 PM meeting Saturday, may be more for the introduction, “boilerplate” material
  • We need to post more on Discuss, wiki, and other open-to-all forums; but maybe not post on social media?
  • We could have an art gallery to view our mural once Noisebridge opens (date TBD, late June or August depending on your level of optimism)
  • Perhaps change the main meeting back to 8 PM, and have the “pre-meeting” at 7:30 PM
  • Saturday buildouts are still a thing! In addition to the general buildout, we’ll have individual efforts on Earl (the access system, since the sd card is missing) as well as the Flaschen Taschen (needs to be re-assembled near front). @pyconaut plans to take up an evening shift from 5 to 9 or 10 PM to accomodate people who want to come later.

Please post any comments / corrections !