Tuesday meeting at tonight at 7 + moar meetups this week on jitsi.noisebridge.io

Co-Moderators welcome to guide our weekly “who wants to talk about what, when, where, how, and why tho?” tonight starting at 7 PM in the virtual hackitorium:


Also coming up tomorrow at 6 PM the ongoing whiteboarding algorithms edumational effort (meeting in the hackitorium, same link as above - see Rebooting the Whiteboarding Class - #13 by fnord for details)

And tomorrow at 8 PM catching up on what’s new what’s fresh what’s happening in the neurohackery department.


Note: the Wednesday 8 PM neurohacking chat is now scheduled only for every other week - alternating with the Crypto meetup: Blockchain and Crypto.* Meetup - #6 by the (which will be happening at 8 PM next week, Wednesday March 10th)


Thursday might see a “noisebridge in exile” virtual cohack session starting at 6 PM, in the hackitorium jitsi - see NEW: Noisebridge-in-Exile Virtual CoHack 4x/month until we reopen

Also happening Thursday at 6 PM, for the hardcore neurohackers, the neurotechsf hack night: NeuroTechSF (San Francisco, CA) | Meetup (this is really where the neurohacking action is this days).

And Saturday at noon another virtual cohack session meeting in the hackitorium.

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