Tuesday General Meeting 5/19/2020

The Noisebridge General Meeting occurs weekly Tuesday at 20:00:

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Consensus items:

Discussion Items:

  • Safety during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Hosting virtual events

Special thanks to @the for facilitating and @boredzo for bottom-lining the notes!

Discussion thread on the Something Labs partnership: Producing More PPE to Fight Covid-19!

Thanks for keeping us updated and getting the word out!

Last week was definitely some kickass note-taking and a very productive meeting. Maybe we could do a video in the space while moving? Is that too high tech?

I’d like to just make a mention for this meeting, which I’m hoping to attend, is a discussion on moving hardware to the new space. Last time we did reboot (2.0) for the space a ton of useful and expensive Hardware got lost and thrown out D:

Id like to avoid that, while also staying self quarantined. Maybe we could do a video in the space while physically moving so those of us at home could help. Is that too high tech?

P.S. I also posted on the something Labs partnership consensus proposal (I’m against it currenty, but open to discussing and Gathering more information about it).


Consensus items:

  • Enter lease at 272 Capp Street (Consensed!)
  • Noisebridge partnership with somethinglabs.org (blocked by @tim - needs more thoughtful consideration around insurance and liability)

Hi everyone,
I have added 2 new consensus items to be discussed at the next meeting:

    1. Closing Noisebridge during the COVID-19 pandemic with some notable exceptions
    1. Limiting the number of people physically at Noisebridge during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have been learning the past couple week that some of this is small-c-consensus-kinda territory. Given the lives at stake and severity of an emergency health and saftey shut down, I believe it is good to formal “big C” these items.
Open to hearing thoughts and ideas.