Tuesday General Meeting 06/16/2020

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So the meeting actually ended early and I missed most of it, but I came in at the end and we had a wonderful talk about ideas for preserving expensive equipment at noisebridge. @Rikke, @elimisteve, @pyconaut, @Dan, @the, @Mark, @Mohammed were present.
Unfortunately our Note Taker had left by then, but if anyone can add to this post to the notes that would be cool. Ideas we had included:

  1. Laminating notes to place on machines (Do not Hack, Do not throwout, etc)

  2. Coming up with a plan for equipment that has not been worked on for a year + (if it’s very expensive broken equipment, over $500, I recommend we donate it to sudoroom or other hacker space prior to e-waste)

  3. Developing a vetting process for equipment during Cleaning Days. I.e. something similar to the locker clean-out process where we have lots of notice and a staging area stuff goes in for a few days before it is pitched.

  4. Appointing people in each Guild or Gang as guardians of equipment that is used most by that respective group. They would be like custodians of the noisebridge infrastructure, since they are most likely to have deep knowledge of what the equipment is, what repairs are needed, etc.

  5. Developing a catalog system with pictures on the wiki of what equipment we have that we want to care for especially. (@mark also discussed having a wiki update jam)

This is what I can remember from the meeting last night. Feel free to add to it if I forgot stuff.

I think if we can do some or all of these steps it would be wonderful in preventing the demise of our nice stuff and would be an excellent step forward for noisebridge!


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Great summary! Here’s the chat transcript between about 10pm and 10:47pm last night:

21:57:43     From Steve P : Cool!
22:06:49     From Noisebridge pyconaut : https://www.aaronswartzday.org/virtual-hackathon/
22:06:58     From Za : i seen that
22:18:11     From Steve P : @Zach Seems like a better policy to me to have people label "do not hack" or "do not throw away" or something
22:18:35     From Steve P : I think it would add too much bureacracy to ask everyone each time someone is considering throwing something out
22:19:06     From hackatorium : I am leaving. 
have a good night evey one
22:20:21     From Za : @Steve gimme a sec to get to ur point
22:20:45     From Steve P : kk
22:21:57     From Noisebridge pyconaut : people don't listen to the tags, and sometimes they become lazy because they forget to renew tags
22:22:06     From Za : ^
22:22:12     From Dan, X & Rikke : pyconaut do you have wiki admin control, and can you edit my access level so I can edit some of the restricted pages
22:22:57     From Mark : https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Electronics
22:31:20     From Steve P : The cultural change sounds valid, but my point is that: requiring synchronous permission over video before cleaning can occur
22:31:57     From Za : yeah
22:33:30     From Steve P : Requiring people to cross-reference documentation while cleaning will make cleaning that much more painful
22:34:08     From Noisebridge pyconaut : true, but it is done to haphazzardly at the moment
22:36:10     From Steve P : If no one in your Guild makes it clear for a whole year whether or not something is trash/valuable/etc, then I don't know how to solve that scalably
22:36:23     From Mark : that sounds like a defunct guild to me tbh
22:36:33     From Steve P : Yeah
22:37:42     From Steve P : If it's a valuable item, and there's not that many of them, then the lamination suggestion sounds a lot more workable than these "asking for permission just in case"-type ones
22:39:09     From Mark : btw there was an idea for a "maintenance guild" which I believe this could be one of the responsibilities of
22:39:20     From Za : thats a cool idea
22:39:37     From Mark : the problem is finding people to volunteer for it
22:39:42     From Za : lol
22:39:43     From Steve P : Idea: how about there's a sort of staging area where items are put things that may or may not be trash?
22:39:48     From Za : me myself and i
22:39:58     From Mark : i don't want to run the maintenance guild, much as i like to contribute to the maintenance of the space when i can
22:40:02     From Steve P : To give people time to sort of "un-throw away" their shit
22:40:22     From Mark : i like that steve
22:40:23     From Za : @steve p thats a good idea
22:40:25     From Steve P : before it's actually thrown away
22:40:29     From Za : thats hwat we do with lockers
22:40:32     From Steve P : permanently
22:40:39     From Za : +1 steve
22:40:53     From Steve P : :-)
22:41:11     From Dan, X & Rikke : can I get on stack for sec before pyconaut leaves
22:41:51     From Steve P : ^^^
22:42:58     From Steve P : We should have a spreadsheet of who has which privileges
22:43:02     From Steve P : so we know who to go to
22:43:09     From Steve P : MetaGuild should probably keep track of that?
22:43:11     From Steve P : @Mark Thoughts?
22:43:23     From Steve P : "Who can I go to who has permission to _?"
22:43:29     From Steve P : would be useful to be able to answer quickly
22:44:09     From Za : Mark i did some small updates to wiki
22:44:12     From Dan, X & Rikke : 2169
22:44:15     From Dan, X & Rikke : 2169
22:44:26     From Dan, X & Rikke : Ⅹ
22:44:46     From Mark : pretty serendipitous that it is 2169 huh?
22:45:12     From Dan, X & Rikke : ...wasn't an accident ;+)
22:45:23     From Mark : hehe
22:46:07     From Steve P : I gotta go, peace!
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