Tshunk and Other Liquid Sounds

The Keep A Roof Over Our Heads Rent Party Gala is ~6 weeks away!

I’m planning on acting as Barkeep in this performance piece but I do not have the capacity to do all the groundwork that goes into creating the bar (making a drink list, getting booze, ordering club mate, getting cups/napkins/what have you) but I can help it happen.

Who is on the Bar Project with me and has the capacity to do the supply run/ordering parts?

(We can be the Bartending Guild called the Noisey Kettle :joy: )

So I previously volunteered to tend bar at the beginning of this year but since then I stopped drinking, and I have been really enjoying it and it’s been good for me. I think that means I’m also out of the bar-tending game and the bar-thinking-about game

@pyconaut I’ve been told that you’re the person to poke about supplies?

I was a bartender for years! So totally down to help out where I can.

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