Trash Talk (Recology)

This thread is for tracking our trash pickup, which currently includes two large trash bins, two large recycling bins and one compost bin.

There hasn’t been any demand to fill all of those on a twice weekly basis. As it is now, we would maybe fill them once a month. I’m trying to connect with Recology to to modify the service, to something like one can once a week.

If anyone has account information like @themanmaran or anyone wants to volunteer to be a Sanitation Liaison please pipe up!

I’m waiting for a customer service call back to determine which of the 3 Recology divisions service us, and to see if I can get more service details and options.


Recology contacted (I wouldn’t even call it social engineering, are you noisebridge, what do you want to change, ok). So all of our trash service has been temporarily paused under a COVID-19 provision. Service will automatically resume as it was on January 4th 2021. We should contact them at least a week before that to extend the pause or revise our current service.

We are were spending over $600 a month to have mostly empty bins picked up. We can reduce service all the way to a single half the size (32) bin for $88 a month with once a week service or anything in between.

We still have all the bins, to gradually fill and get service as needed. In the meantime if you have the opportunity to pack it in, please pack it back out with you, and reserve in house bins for actual garbage left over from the move.

To that end, note for Treasury @themanmaran we have over a $1,200 tab (September/October) that needs a payment in the next two weeks to avoid a business lein and additional service charges, and then will owe a little less than $600 for November.

Paid our bill today, 1 hour and 1 minute on hold, 1 minute to get our account number, another minute to setup on-line access. $1,831.03 later our account current and previous balance is fully paid up.

Our current service is still temporarily suspended until January. We still need to revise or continue to defer our service depending upon our needs.

Payment receipt: document.pdf (114.5 KB)