Trash plan / documentation

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the trash plan. And TBH, I am also a bit unsure. We need to evaluate our current plan to make sure that It still makes sense, and lately we had an excellent person volunteer each week to make a special trip to the space, that ended up being squandered yesterday, because of communication/coordination issues, so we also need to document the plan so that we are all on the same page…

So, it is my understanding that trash gets picked up Tuesday morning around 4:30 AM, which means that the bins need to be brought out to the street late Monday. We are only paying for 1 Recycling bin and 1 trash bin. We also have an additional compost bin, that for some reason the city isn’t picking up… maybe we can just continue using it until it disappears forever.
If the trash is taken out too early, people from the street will dump them and make a big mess, and we will have to clean it up, and we will end up bringing back in about half of the trash…

I have also heard a report from Ronald, that the trash was also picked up sometime before Monday night… so maybe there is a second pickup time? this seems confusing…

Since participation was low, the strategy has been to have the Sunday people (we have the blender class on Sunday) collect the trash from the space, and put it out in the patio, so that members of the community that don’t have late night access to the space, can just move the bins from the patio to the street. I’m thinking we need to re-evaluate this, as I think we have regular participation on Monday nights now…

And of-course on Tuesday, the bins need to be brought back in. We have carved out a space under the steps as a place to keep them… We could probably put up a sign to better show that “this is the place for the trash bins”

There are also many places/(guilds) in the space that have trash needs that aren’t properly communicated to people that aren’t frequent users of that area… like for example in the wood shop, there is the dust collector, scrap bin, and sawdust bin, and other people might not know how to properly collect the trash…

Basically, we need someone or look into these issues, come up with a plan, and write the appropriate documentation (like in a wiki page) and post up some signage. We probably should scrub through existing trash related wiki pages to make sure that we don’t have out-of-date info around…

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Also, made a GH issue to track this:

Also, one thing to add to the documentation is that there is a place 1 block away (“ewastesf”) that takes ewaste, and will take whole computers (that have boards in them) for free. Gutting the computers actually makes them harder to get rid of

I’ll document, right now here Resources/House Keeping - Noisebridge and I’ll add to that. I’ll also add more details about how to contact recology and I’ll call them and check about the compost!

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Trash Pickup is now on Friday mornings (very early)
This is for all 3 bins (garbage, recycling, compost)
The cost is $157.05 per month
Lizzard has the account details – and most of them will be on the Trash wiki page.


I’m helping to consolidate some of the trash now at NB (I put two large bags in trash container)

I want to check where the large recycling roll out container is ?

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Thanks! Did you try checking under the stairs?

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TJ and I found the Recycling container outside the building, more in front of the apartment building next door !

Recycling container is now filled with our recycling in garage entrance area within the gated area.