Trash pickup

When exactly is trash pickup? On Tuesday it looks like out trash got dumped on the sidewalk and it had to be picked up and put back in the bins, so essentially they only picked up about half of our trash… maybe we should only put out the trash early on Tuesday, or super late on Monday? Any thoughts?

That information is outdated right ? Like we only have pickup on Mondays now

Copying some info here from slack:

Apparently pickup is ~4:30AM Tuesday.

Current strategy is to have Sunday people collect trash from the space, and put the bins out in the patio area, inside the fence. We have a cover to make the bins more incognito. We need to recruit someone each week to make sure the cans get moved out late Monday (sometime before 4AM Tuesday)


So, you are saying Thursday evening (Friday am) pickup is no longer a thing. Just Tuesday am.

That is my understanding

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