Trash Pickup Days are Monday and Thursday

  1. Trash & Compost go out on Mondays when we close.
  2. Trash goes out on Thursdays when we close.

Thank you for you help! See this earlier discussion thread on Slack, but it gives same basic info. Pickups are super early morning, so we should always get the bins out the night before. :pray: :hugs:

Do you want me to move this to general? This is a test category no one else has access to.

thanks, should be fine to leave it here - for testing

@mcint extra excellence for making a clean sweep of the upstairs and down to empty all the bins/bags and get the trash out in time, and also for locking up and shutting the space!

Please collect trash and recycling in to the big bins, and remember to take out every Monday and Thursday night! Also if anyone is passing by the space in the morning, bringing them in the driveway or ideally rinsing and moving back in to space.

We are still averaging less then half a bin for pickup, and would save money/effort to do 1 bin once a week.

P.S. @fnord @James this message is blocked to some of those CC’d, is this thread locked or hidden for any particular reason?

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now that we have moved it, what does it take to add that recurring calendar feature, can it highlight as a task to getting take’n out/in on a recurring schedule?

We currently have empty bins to fill up today, still advocating to reduce to once a week pickup.

Okay, done. We now have recurring event postings for Monday and Thursday trash nights as part of closing. :heart:

Sure, do we have the details for the recurring event post?

Day, what time to what time, weekly, plus pertinent details some volunteer should keep in mind when getting the bins picked up and put away.