Tr4$h Nite

Discuss how we can better compost, recycle etc.

Right now we are throwing the plastic liner in the compost.
While this is good for keeping the can clean, it is not good for recology.

Maybe we can get a hosepipe to clean the cans in the new space?

Topic not to be confused with ■■■■■■■■■■■.

Compostable bags are a thing, though also highly fragile (mine don’t last a week in my compost buckets). Might be best taken to the wheelie bins in whatever tall can we use for them, then dumped out into the bin.

Also, there’s a similar change we can make for recycling: Both Glad and Hefty sell recyclable clear bags (at least one also has blue, also for recycling).

(Note: Costco has clear bags but they’re not specifically advertised as recyclable; they’re just clear.)

It might also be worth putting up signs on the trash can rack showing which items are appropriate for which bins. I know the City has a letter-size sign; we could use that, or make a bigger and more comprehensive/specialized one on the roll printer.

Also, if we don’t already have all-purpose cleaner (preferably EPA-rated for disinfecting, given the current outbreak), we should see about procuring some. Ideally something we can buy in bulk concentrate and dilute into spray bottles. At home, I use all-purpose cleaner, diluted according to the directions, with paper towels or with Brillo reusable wipes. Might help the supply of disposable disinfectant wipes last longer.

I wonder if it’d make sense to put a proximity alarm or GPS tracker on the bins. I know theft of our wheelie bins has been a problem a few times.

I have a Amazon list for the types of bags we want. I just bought those ones because we were out and it was trash nite.

Trash bags are not the main problem


I put 4 bags by the entrance last night and no one brought them down tell I closed up the space.

That is very unexcellent

Trash is the community’s responsibility not mine and the few other people that close up.

Me and the few people who help when asked have taken way more bags down then we should be.


if you want to get us the correct bin liners here are a few links.

EcoSafe-6400 HB3348-856 Compostable Bag, Certified Compostable, 39-Gallon, Green (Pack of 90)

The recycling bags are just a different color, they are not recyclable. And SF actually asks for no plastic bin liners for recycling at all, so we should actually have a paper one, or have it loose (which messes up the bins).

Lowe’s H&PC-75419 (25 Count) 30 Gallon Heavy Duty Brown Paper Lawn and Refuse Bags for Home, Original Version

Yes, I agree, we need to make ppl more aware of trash. Hopefully something we can streamline in the new place.

As for compostable bags, Tyler related that he bought a lot, and all were stolen (taken). They are expensive. So we would have to have a community safe place to keep them.

Thanks for the input everyone.