Tour of

Tour of Humanmade
Monday, June 24⋅2:30 – 5:00pm

Take a tour of Humanmad! is a Non-profit analog of TechShop opening on July 13th. They are 50% bigger than Techshop, better equipped than Techshop, and offer more in the way of training than Techshop. They also have a non-profit mission with the goal to bring Vocational Education up to date, which is one of the ways they will find success (grant money) that was out of reach for TechShop. And they have a guaranteed below market lease for 24 years.

In other words, they are an industrial maker space designed to endure.

They are interested in developing a partnership with Noisebridge. I think this would be a great first step.

When you get here, press the call button for humanmade.


Thanks for the post.

Just curious as to what a partnership would mean. How would Noisebridge work with Humanmade?

Oh man thanks, I forgot to post on here about it. I was still trying to find times, so I will ask tommorow night if people can make that, and if some people cant, I’ll set up another time that week for a second tour.

@coreyfro I was currently emailing with humanmade about setting up a tour, please ask around the space before you go and set up a visit to a place, so that if someone else is already doing that, you can coordinate together and not cause event spaces to have conflicting conversations with multiple points of contact.

Though if you work for humanmade, then thank you for setting this up,

If you did ask around the space and no one told you that I was working on this, that is completely my fault for not letting people know properly.

Human Made is great! I did a tour last week. Solidarity.

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Go,ahead and own it, I was just inviting people in my sphere since I am taking the day off to give tours.

I felt there was some urgency because any former Techshop member eill get an opportunity to be signed off on machines if they start membership before July 13th and the clock is ticking.

@coreyfro I’m going! Your Facebook event notes 4pm, right?

Ahah! I am running many tours, 230 for work, 3pm for noisebridge, 4pm for facebook friends! Since you are two out of 3, you get your pick!

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Reminder! Tour at 3pm


Thank you so much for the enlightening tour, Corey! I’m truly blown away at what Humanmade has accomplished so far, and eager to see it progress. We have a lot to learn. :pray::purple_heart:

Sure NB has a lot to learn from HM…but I’ve been in HM’s back pocket, showing them what they can learn from NB.

It goes both ways!

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