Sure, any word if mon or tues is good?

@robbintt it should be open from at least 8:00 to 5:00 tomorrow. What time do you want to drop by?

If it’s after work I can try to get someone to stay later.

Number 17 is mine and I also have some stuff I can pick up from the hack shelves. When would be a good time this coming weekend?

Hey @Chaz. We are planning to have some people come this Saturday from around 8:00AM - 2:00PM.

Earlier in the day would be ideal since I imagine a lot of people will be busy that evening.

I’m coming back to SF Saturday night. Is it possible to come by Sunday or Monday? I don’t think I have a lot there rn, but I’d like to check.

So trying to stick with a Monday, Thursday, Saturday cleaning/packing schedule.

So Monday would be good.

Also I’m realizing that the 7/7 date I initially set is coming up too fast, so I’ll push that back another week.

I (lee a) has number 22. Is there still a GNAR working group locker?

Hm. I definitely have a locker, but I’m not seeing it in the picture (it has a distinctive sticker). I can come by to empty it and then I’ll post an update in this thread once I figure out which one it is

@lee I don’t know about a GNAR locker. But I’ve never been involved in audio.

It’d be awesome to have some help organizing that area so things get put up right.

has someone posted on NB-discuss email list and on website so people can know for sure to get their stuff?

Okay, I can do that. I’ll come by on the 14th. I have a key.

Can I come by Thursday 7/2 at some time? Is this the right thread to request in?

Or today, I’ll be able to stop by in the afternoon.

Thursday 7/2 would be an ideal time.
There will be 2-3 people working on packing that day. With plans to keep the space open for most of the day.

What time works best? Before 5PM or after?

I can come by around 5 PM if that works. I might be a bit early if that’s ok.

Yup. Earlier works better. I’ll be around from 12:00PM - 5:00PM

Alright, is the doorbell working?

Ok, I am headed over now. See you soon.

Cool, I’ll come by Saturday morning.

Did the 8am to 2pm open time get canceled? I’m out front, but no one is letting me in.

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